Gowanus Canal and Smith-9 St Station view of downtown

At Smith-9 St. Station on F/G lines, which is the highest station in the system, in part due to the fact that the line climbs out of the Carroll St. station up the terminal moraine (where the glaciers stopped during the Ice Age) into Park Slope.    Great view from the southbound platform at the northern end.    A misconception that the Gowanus is completely devoid of commercial activity;Canal    there are barges for recycling, fuel oil and gravel for concrete.    At the next stop, Fourth Avenue, the restoration of the original Art Deco arch is almost complete.

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My busy week as Lucy’s ‘tour guide’ for mid-winter break

My busy week as Lucy’s ‘tour guide'; hopefully this can serve as an inspiration for you parents out there during the next break..

Let’s see … our stops were a kid-friendly Kosher deli in Brooklyn (“Matzo Ball Mickey” – Jay and Lloyd) and the Queens Museum Lunar New Year Dancing (I posted about the Panorama separately).   Then Monday, Staten Island Children’s Museum in Snug Harbor.    Wednesday just a lunch date in the neighborhood at Pizzeria Uno.    Then back on the travel circuit Thursday in Trump Tower Lobby (she doesn’t understand yet his tackiness in design choices), then the Sony Wonder Lab in the Sony Building, viewing the skaters on the rink at Rock.   Las stop, new Lego Store off of Madison Square.   Pictured is a lego Flatiron with the real Flatiron at the corner.     Friday, a drive through Northern Boulevard to shop in the rapidly expanding Korean community east of main street Flushing … great Korean BBQ all you can eat that you cook yourself!     Wrapped up the week with a visit to Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, where a new Tesla coil plasma demonstration has been installed

After all that she still asked me today where we were going, but I was sorry to say …. Daddy is a little tired … along with “btw we have circus tickets next Saturday”.


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NYC Panorama at Queens Museum

Visited here last weekend and had a chance to take a good long look…   I’m curious as to when and how they decide what to update.    Citifield and New Yankee Stadium are represented but found at least 3 things that are not — the High Line is still depicted with freight trains, Columbus Circle still has the old Coliseum, and the Trump apartment building which dwarfs the UN is not present.

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Main library photography exhibit and the history of 120 Park Avenue and the Belmont Hotel

I was at the 42nd St. Main Library’s new photography exhibit yesterday (which I would definitely recommend), and came across the attached photo (I’ve never had much luck getting real clear photos of other photos).    Anyway, the caption indicated it was taken from 46th and Vanderbilt in the 1930s and I was intrigued about that tall building, where 120 Park Avenue resides (the 1980s Philip Morris building).    I found some information on untappedcities about the interesting history of this site.    Also is an interesting photo of the tent city in Central Park (never knew of the name ‘Camp Thomas Paine’ – I thought it was just a ‘Hooverville’); there are photos from many famous photographers like Alice Austen, Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz, as well as many others.

Related to the article about the long-gone Belmont Hotel, it’s interesting how after so many decades the Knickerbocker building is being re-converted back into a hotel.



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Chrysler building factoid

Here’s something I came across today that I didn’t know … the Chrysler building to this very day is the tallest brick-faced building in the world.   Also in the article is a great photo that I’ve never seen before of the skeleton of the spire during construction after being pushed through the inside.


chrysler-building-spire  chrysler-building-1930