Main library photography exhibit and the history of 120 Park Avenue and the Belmont Hotel

I was at the 42nd St. Main Library’s new photography exhibit yesterday (which I would definitely recommend), and came across the attached photo (I’ve never had much luck getting real clear photos of other photos).    Anyway, the caption indicated it was taken from 46th and Vanderbilt in the 1930s and I was intrigued about that tall building, where 120 Park Avenue resides (the 1980s Philip Morris building).    I found some information on untappedcities about the interesting history of this site.    Also is an interesting photo of the tent city in Central Park (never knew of the name ‘Camp Thomas Paine’ – I thought it was just a ‘Hooverville’); there are photos from many famous photographers like Alice Austen, Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz, as well as many others.

Related to the article about the long-gone Belmont Hotel, it’s interesting how after so many decades the Knickerbocker building is being re-converted back into a hotel.


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